The Best Ways To Smoke

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Here are the best ways (from the opinion of a regular smoker) in no particular order…

1-Apple Pipe

2-Hand Pipe


4-Dab Rig

5-Rolling Paper

6-Tobacco Leaf

7-Hemp Leaf

8-Cigarillo Wrap

Now those are just some ITEMS you can use, let me explain them more in detail for you. I’ll number them just to make it easier to find the one you want to learn more about.

1. Apple Pipe

The Apple Pipe is quite simple to use and to make. Grab an Apple, it doesn’t matter what it looks like. Take the stem out. Poke holes with a toothpick about halfway down the Apple. Using a plastic straw, poke a hole through to where it will meet the air holes of the toothpicks. Put your weed in the top, light it, and enjoy the nice smoky Apple taste.

Cost- about $0.35

2. Hand Pipe

Probably the easiest route to go, especially for a beginner. Walk into a tobacco shop. Look at all the pretty hand pipes, pick one that looks a decent size and you think will have good airflow. Anyway, get some help, pick your favorite and buy it. Put some weed in the end, light it and smoke away.

Cost- $10-$50

3. Bong

Personally my second favorite to use. The bong is a great invention. Just pack some bud into a little bowl, and fill the bong with water (just above the down stem in the bong.) Hold the lighter to the bowl and inhale through the bong. When you’re ready, pull the bowl out and inhale all that great smoke. Bongs come in all shapes and sizes, some have percolators and other fancy things added, I prefer a nice regular beaker bong with a long draw and a smooth hit. But try them all, percolator bongs are smooth too.

Cost- $20-$300

4. Dab Rig

Okay so this is for the people out there that love concentrate, I personally enjoy some dabs here and there. I feel as if it tastes amazing, the cough feels nicer, and the high is higher. The high doesn’t seem to last as long with a dab but it is sure worth it. Dab rigs are almost exactly like bongs, but instead of a bowl, there is a nail. You heat up the nail with a torch. When the nail is red hot, you stop torching it, you wait about 15 seconds, and then you drop your dab in the nail while inhaling. Put the carb cap on the nail and you’re takin’ a biiiig trip.

Cost- $50-$1,000

5. Rolling papers

Rolling is not easy. While this is my 3rd favorite method of smoking, it can be very hard to learn how to roll a paper. But basically you have a rectangular paper that’s about the feeling of a receipt, maybe a little thinner. You put some weed evenly across the paper, twist it with your fingers, tuck the edge, lick it, stick it, smoke it. You’re enjoying a natural taste of a nice fat joint.


6. Tobacco Leaves

That’s right. You can buy FULL SIZED tobacco leaves. Some people order them online, and some find them at a store. Anyway, very similar to rolling a paper, you do all the same steps, except you have to lick it a little more. Get some saliva on there. Using a lighter, dry where you licked to stick the leaf together. And there you go, you have a nice blunt.


7. Hemp Leaf

Hemp leaves are basically blunt wraps made out of hemp. (An extract of the cannabis plant) and using the same methods as previously mentioned in rolling papers and tobacco leaves, you roll a blunt. Now this will be a little bit bigger than a rolling paper and will require more marijuana but don’t worry, you’ll get the hang of it!


8. Cigarillo Wraps

My FAVORITE way to smoke marijuana. Go to the gas station, get a pack of 2 cigarillos (white owl, Dutch, swisher sweets, etc.) for like a dollar. Split the blunt down the middle with a straight line, and dump the tobacco guts out. Then fill it with marijuana, lick it up, dry it out and smoke it. I love the taste of the weed and sweet cigarillo together and I especially enjoy the nice harsh yet smooth hit of the cigarillo.

Cost- Like a dollar

Thank you guys so much for reading my 8 ways to smoke weed! I am so thankful you tuned in. If you enjoyed, please like the article. Tune in next time with a new method of smoking that you may have learned today, get a little high, and next time we’ll relax and learn about the different strain types of marijuana and how it affects you! Thank you so much!

My first time

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Well, every great adventure starts with a beginning. And sometimes people need to experience what they are talking about just to understand both sides. Right? Now this was a long time ago… not really, it was only about 2 years ago. I knew a guy, and well, who doesn’t. I had a friend. He had weed. Here’s how it happened…

It was the morning of April 20th. Weed was in the air. Okay, honestly, I didn’t smell any weed when I woke up on 4/20 so I’m not gonna lie to you. I don’t think I really did anything too exciting. It was a normal day. But at around 5:30 I had an idea… I saw from another one of my friends at the time that they were having a blast. Smoking weed. So I hit up my best friend at the time, and took a nice walk down the block to his place. I went downstairs to where his room was and we sat and chilled for a while. Eventually I told him I wanted to smoke weed since it was 4/20 and there was nothing holding him back. He texted all his friends to see who was smoking, after about an hour he gave up, by this time it was about 7. He whipped out an old pill jar and said, “look, I got about a gram left, I wanna get you high” so, being who we were we walked down to the church and hid in the tree line. He packed a bowl, we hit it. I didn’t feel anything. After he packed the second (the last) bowl, and we smoked half of it

he said, “are you high yet?”

I said “I think so”

He said “can you still feel your legs?”

I said “yes”

He handed me the bowl and told me he was going to light it, and I just needed to take the biggest hit I could. So… I did. After about 15 seconds of standing there after clearing the bottom half of the bowl… I was high.

I went to step and thought my legs felt like air canisters, I started walking and tripped over a bar wire fence. But I didn’t feel it. I was high. We walked back to his house and sat on his bed. Where I then received a text from a friend saying they were going to pick me up… a friend very opposed to smoking weed, and a friend very closely related to me. My mom… I started panicking, it was about 7:30 and my mom was picking me up at 8:30. I had an hour, I knew the smell would be gone. But I didn’t know I would be high still.

Well, when I got in the car, all was normal. My mom was extra nice that day and brought home some milkshakes… Oh my goodness. I LOVE milkshakes when I’m high. When we got home, I ate my milkshake so fast, avoiding all eye contact with my mom, dad, AND siblings, I went to my room, and fell asleep. I woke up the next morning feeling normal and groggy just like I usually am in the morning. I hadn’t changed as a person, I was still me, but I experienced something amazing that so many people pin as an awful thing. Before I had ever smoked or started my journey of Marijuana and learning about it, I was against smoking. I was against any recreational or medical use of the herb. Now, I have a completely different view on it. I hope you enjoyed my story, and next time I’m going to write about different strains and different ways to smoke. Have an amazing day/night.

What is Marijuana?

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Okay, well obviously most people know what marijuana is. It’s a plant, and it contains THC which gets you high. Right? Well let’s dive deeper into this. Let’s learn how marijuana came about, why it was criminalized, and then we’ll learn some primary purposes of ‘weed’.

Where’d it come from?

So nobody really knows where exactly marijuana first grew. I don’t either, I’m not an expert, but I am very good at research. And by the end of this, I hope to know a lot more about weed. Anyway, let’s get back. From what I have learned, marijuana was most likely first grown in Asia. Where the purpose was for herbal medicine and eventually recreational purposes. Now… I don’t want to bore you too much with this first paragraph, but I have to put some facts in, eventually we’ll get into strains, purposes, how it’s grown, certain effects, pop culture, etc. But for now we have to learn. Eventually, the plant was grown in many different places, from Asia, to Europe, to the Americas. Marijuana was grown to make ropes, clothing, and other materials, and also the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) crystals were used as a medicine for stomach pains, and nausea.

Why weed was criminalized.

Early before the great depression, many Mexican’s migrated to the United States, and showed American’s the practice of smoking marijuana in a recreational sense. People loved it. But, as the great depression came along in the 1930’s many people that associated marijuana with Mexican’s, decided to make weed seem evil. Because of all this, there were laws put in place and eventually the whole country of the United States made our precious plant a crime. Other countries just looked at it as harming our society because of a bad view on it, or the tobacco industries wanted it gone. Some countries have it fully illegal and others have it part of their lifestyle. Even the United states is slowly becoming a country that allows marijuana to be used for recreational purposes.

Primary Purposes of ‘Bud’

The Primary purposes of marijuana (bud, hash, MJ, Mary Jane, hash, toke, etc.) have become medical in most states now in America. For the purposes of back pain, to migraines, to depression, and anxiety, medical cards are distributed to many people, of many ages. Medical marijuana serves many beneficial duties. Especially with the medical aspects. (Which will be talked about in a later blog post.) Other purposes serve as recreational, and industrial. Such as smoking or consuming to get high, or using hemp for lotions and soaps, and even fabrics. Marijuana helps with many things that many people may look past. Marijuana ACTUALLY helps with anxiety, it ACTUALLY helps with depression, it ACTUALLY helps with aches and pains. Marijuana brings out the best in some people, and there are also few effects of marijuana that people look at as harmful. Such as ‘it makes people do stupid things’ and ‘people go to jail for it’. Well, alcohol makes people do stupid things, and people can build a tolerance to that, as well as marijuana. People also after a while can control their high, AND if marijuana was a legal substance like tobacco and alcohol, it would be at a controlled age and reduced to less accidents, and little to no crimes involving it each year.

Thank you guys so much for reading my first blog post, I want to help educate people on marijuana since it is spreading widely and rapidly, and help people understand that there are benefits, and to help people be less afraid if it does become legal in their area. Come back for my next one where we get into the more fun stuff, now that we know a little bit about marijuana.


Let’s Do This

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Welcome to Bud Blog. Let’s learn about the when, where, what, why’s, and how’s, of marijuana. Here we are going to journey together and learn all we can about something special, that has recently become recreational in some areas.


I am here to learn about different strains, the medical effects, and the beneficial effects. Along with any harmful effects of this amazing plant. Let’s jump right in!